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Wooden Hangers in New York

Enhance the presentation of your clothing with our exquisite range of wooden and rubber-coated wooden hangers in New York. Our hangers, crafted from top-tier materials, add a touch of luxury to your garments, ensuring a premium look. Moreover, we offer customization options to align these products perfectly with your brand’s unique aesthetic.

Beyond providing the finest hanger solutions, we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Our garment hanger design company is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal hangers for your specific needs, ensuring your wardrobe receives the attention it deserves. Whether you’re looking for classic wooden hangers or the versatility of rubber-coated options, we’re here to meet your expectations and exceed them. Make your garments shine with the perfect hangers, backed by our commitment to quality and customer service.

Wooden Hanger Details

Our wooden hangers come in various finishes, sizes, and shapes. They can also be custom-printed with a specific design or logo. Your options are practically limitless. In addition, our hangers offer the following benefits: 

  • New Anti-Slip/Nonslip Finish
  • Enhanced Durability for an Extended Life
  • Customizable Design That Coordinates Well with Showroom and Retail Fixtures
  • Wide Selection of Hook, Bar, and Clip Finishes
  • Custom Paint or Stain Finishes Available